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How many times have you died inside?

I have died a thousand times inside. Do you want to know the best part of this? I have come alive each and every time!

Sometimes you have to die to whatever is happening in your life in order to be born again, and each time you are renewed to a better form of yourself.

See, the thing with this is that, in order for you to grow into who you are supposed to be, the old you have to be eliminated. This is just how life works. If you look at your surroundings and take the time to truly look. You will come to the realization that everything around you does die at some point, but only to be renewed/reborn again.

Trees die, their leaves fall off and come back to life every spring. Some flowers die during summer, only to come back alive in the winter. This is their way of coming back to life in a new and better form! Sometimes they look the same. Most times they look different and you notice something about them that you didn’t see before.

That is how we are too! Of course, we are not dying literally, but we die to the things that use to control us and had a hold on us. That could be relationships, substance abuse, self-doubt, self worth, fear, anxiety, job/jobless or even depression. The only way to be renewed/reborn is to die to these things.

Trust me, I know that dying to these things are difficult. I am in the same position that you are in! This is why I am saying to you that I have died a thousand times. I am constantly overcoming things. I don't care how small they are, once I have realized that it is holding me back in a negative way, I have to try my hardest to let it go.

When we die to them we are telling them it’s time for a change. Time to be who you are meant to be. Once you have come to that point, you will look, feel and act different. Sometimes you may not be feeling or even realize the new you until someone else says it to you. They may say, ‘Oh you are looking good!’ Or 'there is something different about you.'

You, will start to attract the things that you truly want out of your life.

It is the moments like these that make knowing that dying to whatever may have had some form of control over you, was not in vain. I don't care how big or small the achievement may be that you want. Know that with the death of any negative thing, brings you closer to achieving a better you!

Come, walk and talk with me. Lets die to the negative and claim all positivity in our lives. Lets activate of actions so that our lives can be activated. Lets let go and let God, so that we can be renewed.

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