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Why A Pearl for Me?

Akwaaba Gem!

As a woman who has been through a lot and carries a lot of baggage from past relationships; I’ve always been one to want to help and encourage other women, young ladies even our precious little gems. I’ve wished so many times that I had someone in my corner to help me through every “tough” situation. This is why I decided to create my blog Pearls for Me.


Here, you are going to find nothing but positive, encouraging and motivational content from myself and other women that I have met throughout the years and who has blessed me. We are all from different walks of life and have been through many different things, that have formed us into the women we are today. We all have the same outcome, just different paths or methods that has helped us get to where we are now. My goal is to shed as much positive light on as many women, young women and young girls as possible. The journey that you are on is the same journey that is going to turn you into the beautiful Pearl that you are.


I have a question? Do you know how a pearl such as yourself is made? Well, pearls go through a lot to become the beautiful gem that you see on your great grandmother, grandmother or even your own mother's neck or wrist. Most of us do not know that a Pearl starts from an irritant, such as a parasite. As this parasite works its way into the oyster or clam, it triggers fluid to cover this irritant. This fluid, called nacre is the protector of the clam. As this fluid, nacre, continues to put layer upon layer, a pearl is formed. WOW! Something so beautiful and is treasured by Kings and Queens, started from a parasite! Isn’t that funny? A parasite! I know we have all had some form of parasite that had attached itself to us and irritated us to the point of our guard going up every time we encounter someone new.


Every time our guard goes up we are creating someone beautiful. Yes, we don’t feel beautiful or even look it during our transition sometimes, but once we allow the right persons or relationships to come in and help us break down these walls... Out will come the radiant and exquisitely made Pearl that we are! That beautiful Pearl, the woman that God intended us to be. So, don’t think that all of the pain and layers of whatever (insecurities, doubt, hurt, pain, heartbreak, the list can go on) you may be going through is in vain.

You are a PEARL in the making, A PEARL that is meant to be SEEN, You Are a Pearl that is meant to SHINE PROUDLY! Cheers to you GEM!

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